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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 53%
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Demi Moore as Suzanne Dutchman
Alec Baldwin as Bill Oakland
Dylan McDermott as Mark Dutchman
Viva Bianca as Deanna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by esteban1747 7 / 10

The virtues of a blind person

A film with an interesting plot, an educational one about the values of disabled people, those who struggle to live and forget their disability. A blind man is a human being who can see through his soul and his feelings. A blind man can write books, he/she can taste good food, good wine and even enjoy healthy air from uncontaminated environments. Those experiences are clear in the film. Above all, there is the fact that the blind can love and desire, live happy moments with their partner. The film exposes all these virtues of the blind person and the baseness of a rich person, unable to maintain a reciprocally affable relationship, and even capable of hitting someone who does not see. Intelligence on the side of the supposedly weak and the ruin on the side of the opulent.

Reviewed by orange-96798 2 / 10

BLIND would appeal to a prison inmate or an insomniac.

It was the type of movie that revives the Christian in us all. You will pray for a twist or turn to improve the plot or pray for an end. The movie and actors failed to bring the watcher into the plot. Trying to find some shard or crumb of a plot, with withered acting from actors trying to become "reborn" as movie stars, created a painful and embarrassing viewing situation - when with accompanying guests. The casting seemed to fail this movie more than the screenplay. I just don't like being the conduit of aging actors trying to revive their careers. There is a reason why Hollywood isn't calling them, and this movie will remind you of why.

Reviewed by sbsieber 3 / 10

Moore is a revelation

I have never been a fan of Demi Moore - I didn't get her appeal and was never impressed with her acting, but interestingly she was the thing I liked best about this movie. She is quite lovely, and her voice has lost that husky quality that I used to find so grating. Her acting was natural and subtle yet effective. Unfortunately, I don't have similar positive things to say about this movie. Baldwin is his typical blow-hard self, and his transformation from a frustrated, angry, and damaged tortured writer is not believable. He is also not believable as a romantic lead. Maybe he has done one too many Trump impressions, because his appeal at this point is just - "yuck".

The plot is schlocky and predictable, and the addition of the young man who initially volunteered to assist Baldwin's character only later to become his house boy/protégé was weak.

Over all a pretty bad B movie with A movie pretensions. The writing was weak and the plot was often silly and superficial.

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