Party Bus to Hell


Comedy / Horror

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Tara Reid as Darby
Devanny Pinn as Kimberly
Sadie Katz as Joan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 2 / 10

The Overrated IMDb User Rating Is a Bad Joke

"Party Bus to Hell" is the typical movie that reflects how sad the IMDb is after the recent modifications. The film is an unfunny garbage, with the cameo of Tara Reid that looks like an unhealthy dummy (or mummy?). There are also fake reviews and ratings to promote this flick and lure the unwary reader. The gore, nudity and breasts are so stupid that never entertain and the poor CGI is awful. The overrated IMDb User Rating (5.5) is a bad joke. In the end, what could a viewer expect from a film entitled "Party Bus to Hell" with Tara Reid as the lead actress? My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

Reviewed by darrelramos 1 / 10

1 star is over-rated

Poor storline, CGI from amateur,, lots of unnecessary boobshow I find nothing good in this film.

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 2 / 10

This is a very lousy film filled with unnecessary n overlong nudity, bad creature effects n headache n sleep inducing flickering lights.

The film has a decent opening scene with the desert location n a couple running away from something. We get to c a very plastic looking Tara Reid. She beheads the other person in a fit of hysteria n the dead man's head starts talking to her. This was sufficient to convey wher the movie was heading. Still i had hopes after reading in the trivia section that this film got some standing ovation.

Cut the scene n we get to c a girl who gets invited to board a bus which is heading towards Nevada for some burning man festival.

This is a very lousy film filled with unnecessary topless scenes, boring n lengthy lesbian orgies, bad cgi, repeated scenes of lesbian orgies with blood while the men jus stands aside. There is a scene wher the reptiles from Sadie katz's body comes out alive. That was supposed to be creepy but the director ruined it with those headache n sleep inducing flickering lights. Lots on boobs on display, one lousy sex scene n one very lousy creature. There was absolutely no tension or suspense. The dialogues were horrendous. Apart from Tara Reid who is also the producer, the only actor i cud recognise is Sadie Katz from Wrong turn 6. She too doesn't hesitate to go topless. Her voice n face r seductive though. In one scene the tatoos/reptiles from Sadie katz's body comes out alive. This scene was supposed to be creepy but the headache n sleep inducing flickering lights ruined the entire scene.

This is the second time i encountered a bad movie experience regarding almost similar title n synopsis. The first one was Hard ride to hell. Well apart from the titles being a lil similar, even the synopsis n the settings were very similar. Cult satanic group n desert location. Both the movies r awful.

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